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Friday, March 20, 2009

Bowling Birthday Party

It was a rainy afternoon, nevertheless, the party was a success. It was held at The Chevrons and was attended by CK's close friends.

Before playing bowling, we had a couple of games in the function room. They were simple games but the kids seemed to have fun.

After the game, the kids gathered round the table for the candle-blowing. In Singapore, it's a tradition that kids sing both English & Mandarin version of the birthday song.

A few minutes before 4pm, I announced to the kids that they will be divided into 2 bowling teams. There will be a special prize for the winning team. And the two bowlers who get the highest score will get a trophy. Upon seeing the trophies, the kids got excited. They got more excited when I distributed the team shirts.

At 4pm, Rey set up the score board while I accompany the kids to the shoe rental area. Kids were cheering while waiting for the game to start. Everyone's so eager to thow the ball.

While the kids were playing, the parents started to eat. They also had the chance to chat while the kids enjoy the game.

There were times when the kids asked for help from mum or dad and it was good to see the parents' participation in the game.

The game took almost two hours to finish... and that was because the balls always get stuck in the gutter or in the pin area. At the end of the game, CK got the highest score but since she's the host, she's excluded from the award.

After the game, we proceeded to the buffet area to award the prizes to the winners and to distribute the loot bags.

Finally the party was over. It was tiring but I enjoyed every minute of the party preparation and the party itself.

Click here to view the pictures.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Answer to my Dilemma

God is good. Our bosses found a way to solve the issues in Hong Kong without physically sending somebody to work there for a month. So here I am, happy. I don’t have to deal with that dilemma anymore. God has decided for me.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All About Me Challenge

Saturday, October 27, 2007

2008 Calendar - A gift to Uncle Cris & Auntie Riza

Surprisingly I was able to finish this very simple calendar in half day!

We had visitors from NY & NJ last week. On their last day, they went to Little India and Orchid Country Club. I didn't join them because I knew I can't take the heat and the walking. I stayed home and created a calendar for Uncle Cris & Auntie Riza as souvenir of their Singapore trip.

I started by putting scrap papers together. At the time I was putting them together, I had no idea what pictures will be on that page. It's the first time I did this and it was fast. I then chose 12 pictures of them taken on their first 2 days in Singapore and printed them on my printer. I pasted the picture on the LO and put simple captions.

Uncle Cris and Auntie Riza were very happy. They liked it so much and said it's the best gift they've received.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Family Calendar 2007

Theme: Looking back at 2006
Reminds me that I have to start with 2008 calendar

Friday, August 31, 2007

Filipina, sa Isip, sa Salita at sa Gawa

** This LO is part of my Fashion Statement album.
** Paper used: Handmade paper
** Title: I used toothpick for a bamboo effect and a more Filipiniana look.
** Journalling: Since this is part of my Fashion Statement album, I put the journaling on small, embellished skirts. I then made a Pinoy-style “sampayan” and used “sipit” to hold the skirts together.
** Embellishments used are from Divisoria.

Monday, August 20, 2007


This is part of my Fashion Statement Album. In this LO I was able to experiment with glitters and I'm happy with the output.